What’s wrong with you? No-thing!

There's something wrong with me and I don't know what it is!

When you rest, where do you rest? Is it emotional pain? Is it in anxiety or downright fear? Is it in a panicky feeling that there is something important that you have to do but you don't know what it is? Most of us feel something like this. Either there is something terribly and mysteriously wrong with us, or something that is lacking. We feel inadequate or defective in some way, or sometimes just feel worthless, even like a "piece of shit"

Whatever form it takes, this thing that we have suspect is wrong with us is our dirty little secret and we spend most of our waking hours not only keeping others from finding it out, but denying it from ourselves.

Which is a shame because I am here to tell you that it is never true. It can't be! Not real-ly. In all of my years counseling people who knew there was something wrong with them, I never encountered one who was right about it. As a matter of fact, I can reassure you, on the authority of my long experience, that your fears are unfounded. However, with only my experience to go on, it is possible that there could be an exception, and if there was an exception, you would probably think that you were it. So I'm not going to speak out of my experience. Instead I'm going to speak from logic and scientific principles. This nothing wrong with you. There can't be, because there can only be something wrong with a thing and you're not a thing. In fact you are nothing at all and no-thing has no qualities. It can't take an adjective; it can't be labeled, described, located, improved upon, created or destroyed. There is no possibility of anything being wrong with no-thing, or, for that matter, right with it! In the same way that there can be something wrong with your car, there can be something wrong with your body and your brain, because they’re things. There can even be something wrong with your ideas, actions and intentions because, in an abstract way, they’re things. On the thingness level, things can be wrong with things and frequently are. But ultimately there can't be anything wrong with you, because you are not a thing. Ultimately you are just consciousness and that is the one thing that isn’t a thing. Consciousness is your real identity.