What is this clearing stuff?


What is this clearing stuff?


What is this clearing stuff that I am always talking about, and what does it have to do with spirituality, real non-dual spirituality, every minute Zen, being in the right place? 

This is a good question and I will try to give you a good answer.

Do you know how you feel when you are talking about spirituality, meditating, doing yoga or another spiritual practice, or reading what the Masters say and agreeing with it. Do you know how you feel when you are in Oneness, love, Buddha mind or Christ consciousness? (They're all the same thing)  They're all a form of being there... in the right place.

You feel great!  But what about your everyday life?  When you not doing yoga but on the subway, or in a traffic jam, or worrying about money, or angry about what someone is doing to you - or the environment, or arguing with your lover, or thousand and one other distractions.

Are you in the right place then? Can you stay there?

Your ego holds thousands of memories and Beliefs - beliefs about yourself and the world and the way things ought to be but are not.  Every one of these beliefs is a potential button waiting to be pushed; and when it is pushed the emotional reaction catapults you out of the right place and into reactivity.

No matter how much we know about spiritual principles, no matter how long we meditate, unless we intentionally clear these beliefs, they are going stay with us... forever, and as long as they are with us, we will not be able to stay in our every minute Zen.

However there is an easy solution to this problem and that is to continually clear - to continually let go of these memories and beliefs as they arises. Clearing is a relatively new addition to the spiritual path.   Its rightful place is sitting alongside meditation and yoga as a Major spiritual practice.  it is also a major psychotherapeutic tool, the necessary next step after insight.

Clearing will clear up your life and clear your way to resting in the right place - right now and always.