Understanding no-thing

 People are starting to talk about no-thing and being no-thing as if it is an established "spiritual fact".  However these same people still feel, talk and act as if there's something wrong with them, which makes think that they are taking the principle of no-thingness on the authority of spiritual teacher, rather than really understanding it.

   It is not enough to take your no-thingness on faith, because only through an understanding it can you realize it, and only by realizing it can it dissolve your feeling of intrinsic wrongness.  So let’s go over the principle.   

No-thing is really very simple, but despite its simplicity or perhaps because of it, it is elusive and sometimes you have to snap into the understanding.  Your ultimate identity, everyone's ultimate identity, is just consciousness.  To envision consciousness it will be helpful to think about space.  Consciousness, like space, is in itself no-thing, but it is the no-thing that holds everything. It is unlimited in its capacity to hold things.  It can hold anything and everything in the unlimited quantity. Also consciousness, like space, is both infinite and infinitely expansive.  Even to call it an "it", is to stretch the meaning of the word.   Consciousness, like space, cannot be good or bad, broken or fixed, here or there, right or wrong.  Really the only things that you can say about consciousness is whether it is empty or not and whether it is unlimited or has a boundary around it.  But when you think about these two statements, they don't really pertain to space, they pertain to what is in the space or around the space.  The space is the space; it is the same whether it is empty or full, limited or unlimited.  The space in the jar is the same as the space outside of it, and whether or not it holds cookies, it is the same space.   

Just as physical space is a constant, (you can eat the cookies and break the jar, and there it still is – space) the space of your consciousness is a constant.  You can contain emotions, beliefs, ideas, memories and so on, in your consciousness and you can let them go.  Your consciousness can be contained (contracted) by a self-image or it can be freed (expanded) by letting go of that self-image. But all that it contains and all that contains it, is inconstant, appearing and disappearing, self create and self destroyed. Consciousness, however big or small, however empty or full, regardless of its contents is constant. It is immutable and immaterial, nothing, no-thing.  You can say something about the contents and its boundaries but you cannot say anything about consciousness itself.  It just is. 

Meditate on this until it snaps into complete understanding.  Until it is obvious; until it is inescapably, self-evidently true, until you realize it.