Resting In Being


Resting in Being


Just being - with all which that entails, is the great, unrecognized yearning that - after the drive to survive, energizes all of our lives.  It is the yearning to stop, the desire to rest, to do nothing because there is nothing to do. It is the real satisfaction, the fulfillment that fills us.  In a way, it is the payoff for survival.  Because if we cannot stop and enjoy our life, if we cannot rest in being at least some of the time, survival is pointless.  If we cannot do that the struggle to survive is like a war to defend our way of life, which in the waging destroys what it is intended to defend.  Yet for most of us the struggle to survive does just that, it destroys our ability to rest in being.


Resting in being is its own reward.  It is complete.  It is never boring.  It doesn't contain anything yet it lacks nothing.  It is a dog basking contentedly before a fire or romping excitedly through the woods.  It is a mother gazing in the eyes of her newborn.  It is a surfer carving a track in the face of a 30 foot wave.  It is the love that just is.  It is stillness, rightness, connection, and paradoxically enough - right action.  It is presence; it is now.  It is Sat Chit Ananda: Being, Consciousness, Bliss.  It needs nothing and it doesn't have to do anything, yet it is the least valued, least pursued state recognized by the minds of man.


Resting in being is the aim of all the doing, all of the survival struggles of humanity.  It is the unrecognized, unheralded goal of survival itself, because without the sweetness of beingness survival is flat and tasteless. 


The luxury, the homecoming of just resting in being, is the fulfillment, the invisible goal that we are all straining for. It is absolute safety. It is non-duality. It is the Godhead. And finally, it is the real justification, the authentic rationale for suicide, because when the state of one's mind, the circumstances of one's life or the state of one's body cease to provide opportunities to rest in one's being, only death does - and it beckons!


Rest in being is absolute safety, yet we believe we need other kinds of safety first, physical safety and emotional safety.  The quest for survival safety is why people try to make $100 million and when they have succeeded they don't stop pursuing wealth. It is why men lift weights and take karate classes and women put silicone in their breasts.  Is it is why people become accountants and dentists instead of artists and scuba divers.  It is why women marry men they don't love and men marry women who treat them as gods.  And the inability to realize safety is why people relax with a drink or a cigarette. It is why people take recreational drugs, overeat and pursue sex for its own sake. 


The idea that we need safe conditions in order to rest in beingness is conditional safety and that is fragile and transient.  Resting in being, if we are conscious, if we know what we are and make a conscious choice to rest there, is the only safety that is enduring and permanent, the only safety we need!  This is simple to say, even to understand, but deeply embracing it, trusting it as we trust the air that we breath, that is another matter altogether.

How do we do that? Only by accepting that that the physical being, the individual identity, the person that so apparently is what we are, is upon deep consideration, just an illusion.  What we are is so much less!  What we are, our deepest beingness is just an individual center of consciousness being aware!  And as that we are invulnerable, immortal and imperishable. 


 Can we accept that?  This is the work; this is deep surrender and to surrender into it is to surrender into beingness.