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The nature of the unenlightened mind

This is the nature of the unenlightened mind:
The sense organs, which are limited in scope and ability, randomly gather information.
This partial information is arranged into judgments,
Which are based on previous judgments,
Which are usually based on someone else's foolish ideas.
These false concepts and ideas are then stored in a highly selective memory system.

Distortion upon distortion: the mental energy flows constantly through contorted and inappropriate channels, and the more one uses one's mind, the more confused one becomes.

To illuminate the vexation of the mind, it doesn't help to do something; this only reinforces the mind's mechanics.
Dissolving the mind is instead a matter of not-doing:
Simply avoid becoming attached to what you see and think.
Relinquish the notion that you are separated from the all-knowing mind of the universe.
Then you can recover your original pure insight and see through all the illusions.
Knowing nothing, you will be aware of everything.

Remember: because clarity enlightenment are within your own nature, they are regained without moving an inch.

From the Hua Hu Ching
The unknown teachings of Lao Tzu

Translated by Brian Walker