PsychoNoetics As Enlightenment Therapy

Enlightenment Therapy with Dr. Jeff Eisen

Dr Eisen works with people at all levels of consciousness and with its all sorts with problems but enlightenment is always his final goal. From his Omnius practice he has developed the ability to psychically dissolve your negative karma and release the attachments and beliefs impede your clarity, serenity and enlightenment. He doesn't do this to you but rather with you, in a manner that gradually empowers you to do it for yourself. This ability accelerates your progress so that a few sessions become as effective as months or even years of more conventional therapies. Although Dr. Eisen was classically trained as a psychologist and an Adlerian psychoanalyst, his approach is neither analytic nor didactic and his therapeutic objectives are not the ordinary ones of adjustment, adequate functioning or even fulfillment in love and work. He believes that the only true sanity is the absolute reality of enlightenment. He also agrees with the great Masters that we are all, already possessed of enlightenment and his job is to help you uncover it and once you have reached it, stay there.

Dr. Eisen sees all psychological problems and all states of consciousness as a continuum of self-realization. So-called normality is not the endpoint of Enlightenment Therapy. In his view, no one can deem himself wholly sane who is not enlightened. On the other hand, no one is sick just because they have psychological problems, no matter how severe. We are all, himself included, fellow travelers, at different stages along the road to reality.

Dr. Eisen works with people at his Santa Barbara office and on the telephone. Follow this link for an appointment.

Original Perception

We all have an innate perfect consciousness, sometimes thought of as Christ consciousness or Buddha mind; however it is obscured by who we think we are, by our contracted, false identities. Perception from this perfect consciousness is called original perception.

We are not born into the original perception. All of us have lived before in human and even animal forms and our consciousness at birth doesn't start totally anew. It is only the unfolding of our new life that is new to us. We start out with a felt sense of self, an identity. It is this which is karma and it is this from which we unfold our world.

Psychonoetic Therapy

The goal of psychonoetic Therapy is attaining original perception.  Psychonoetic Therapy takes its name from Noetics, the science of consciousness, which in turn, takes its name from the Greek nous, or mind.  Psychonoetic Therapy, acknowledges that no one is sick and no therapy is needed, all that is needed is to uncover our innate perfection of our true nature

Karmic Clearing

Karmic Clearing is the technique within PsychoNoetics that dissolves negative Karma and releases false identities. Its use is not only in therapy. It is a very important part of the Omnius practice and is taught in workshops and practiced in Clearing Circles wherever Omnians gather.

Very simply, karma consists of the accumulated effects of all our lifetimes, past and present, on our consciousness. Although it is widely believed that karma is a fate, Omnius teaches that karma is fate only in the sense that character is fate. Karma has its effects through consciousness and consciousness only. Therefore it can be cleared by working with consciousness and cleared in this lifetime.

Dr. Eisen works with people at his Santa Barbara office and on the telephone from all over the country. Follow this link for an appointment.

Jeff Eisen is a magical therapist, compassionate yet powerful. My first session cleared me of my anger toward my father and allowed me to start living for myself instead of living to prove something to him… Ira Z. Baltimore Md.

I've always felt that there was something intrinsically wrong with me. After a couple of sessions with Dr. Eisen I couldn't get in touch with that feeling if I tried. It just wasn't there anymore. Kathy B. Santa Fe NM.

Every time somebody criticized me or what I was doing in any way whatsoever I felt attacked and was quick to retaliate. This cost me my job and almost my marriage. Now I feel calm and self-confident enough to just listen to what people have to say.

Robert W. N.Y.