Prayer to My Self

I see the world around me in disarray and conflict.
No matter how many well-intentioned people try to make a different world, nothing seems to help.
I long to contribute to a better world for the children.

I thinkā€¦ I am a small drop in the ocean of humanity. I am not a powerful person. I often make a mess of my own life. How can I make a difference?

The good news is I am NOT the ideas I hold about myself. I am NOT a thing at all.
I am NO THING, and miraculously I am the same NO THING that everyone else is, that all of life is, that all that is is.

The modern name for this common identity is Omnius.
It is the logical extension of the ancient idea of Oneness.
It is knowing ourselves as this common identity that will allow a new cooperative human behavior to emerge.

When I operate from the ideas I have about myself, I am as small as I think I am.
When I operate from the common identity that I share with all that is, the possibility for change is infinite.

How can I know myself to be Omnius, the common identity of all that is?
I can taste it in the interconnected nature of the world around me.
I can touch it in the inner spaces that I reach in meditation.

Why can I not always act from this common identity?
My ideas about myself keep me small and competitive.

How can I let go of ideas about myself that keep me separated from my common identity?
With a practice of letting go of fixed ideas about myself, I can rest more and more easily in my common identity with all that is.