A Global Culture

It is necessary to create a global culture which goes beyond separate identities of all kinds, religious, national, racial, ethnic, linguistic, philosophic, sexual, organizational or any others and recognizes and understands humankind’s real, common identity - not only its common identity with all people but with all things. Furthermore, it is necessary that this culture, collectively and unanimously, bring up its children to recognize their common identity.

Throughout time, numerous attempts, philosophic, religious, utopian and even economic, have been made to accomplish this goal. However none have given sufficient emphasis to the individual transformation that has to take place in order for the social transformation to take hold. I believe that nothing short of enlightenment will suffice. Enlightenment is about identity, common identity as part of the all, the identity I call Omnian identity. To the degree that people still experience their selves as separate, whether this self is the individual self of the body and or the collective self of a group identity, every social reform will be sabotaged by the very people it is intended to benefit. History has shown this to be true again and again.

Actually enlightenment is neither difficult to understand nor impossible to accomplish. Unfortunately this truth and has been obscured, by mystics whose understanding outstrips their communication skills, by various teachers and priestly casts whose economic security rests not on sharing enlightenment but hoarding it and by seekers who unwittingly seek enlightenment to enhance their egos rather than letting go of them.

It is the mission of Omnius to create both the environment and the technology for this transformation to take place on a global scale. I believe that enlightenment can, should and needs be ordinary. What's more, ordinary enlightenment is within the reach of every man. Religion, nationalism and even democracy are too small and too separative to do the Job. They, like other great group identities, do not need to be replaced, just seen beyond - to that perception from and of the whole - which is enlightenment. Enlightenment is a unique and natural heritage of Homo sapiens sapiens. The species that knows that it knows, can know that it is God and can re-create its world from that knowledge!