Coherence, clarity, intention and paranormal abilities

A BEI, (a Belief/Emotion/Intention) is a unit of consciousness.  When BEI's are held in consciousness they create egoic and enoeic (soul body) forms that define and direct the conscious self in question.


A BEI can be likened to an electron in a magnet; each one has a negative and positive pole and force field.  The electrons in a piece of iron, before it is magnetized, are incoherent or in disarray.  They face every which way. Because they are in disarray, the forces cancel one another out and their net force is neutral. However, if you subject the self same piece of iron to a strong magnetic field, the electrons line up, i.e. they become coherent, and in becoming so, the piece of iron becomes a magnet i.e. it has a negative and positive pole/field/force. In the same way, an individual consciousness can be coherent or in coherent, and is intention powerful or powerless, depending on whether it's BEI's are in coherence.


An additional metaphor can be found in light.  Light from an ordinary source is incoherent, the photons are in disarray and the light disperses as it travels from the source.  As it disperses, it loses power.  However, a laser beam is not incoherent and does not disperse; it holds together and can travel great distances without losing power. 


So coherent mind or coherent consciousness is like a laser; it holds together and the power of its intention is not dispersed over distance.  It can be called laser mind or laser consciousness.


The ordinary person who has not undergone both awakening and a course of psychonoetic clearing has an intention like an unmagnetized piece of iron or a candle flame, incoherent, internally conflicted and easily dispersed.  However the person that has integrated, awakened and cleared has a mind is like a strong magnet or a laser beam, forceful, brilliant and coherent.    Because their intention is forceful and focused and they can have effects on consciousness, both their own and others, both proximal and distant, that seem both astonishing and paranormal. 


The Mind, a metaphor for incoherence


The mind is like a living fossil record.  It consists of strata of consciousness of varying densities laid down over time -- in both the enoe (Karmic self or soul body) and ego.  Embedded in these strata, these layers or levels of consciousness are BEI's, fossilized but still active beliefs.  These BEI’s, like electrons, are not only in disarray, facing every which way, but they are also specific to the level of consciousness in which they are embedded.  It is a corollary to this that when they are activated (by association) they activate the level of consciousness in which they are embedded.

The dagnostic process of PsychoNoetics detects and excavates these BEI's from the strata of consciousness in which they are embedded, and opens them to examination and revision at the highest, (hopefully awakened) level of consciousness/realization that the person abides in.


This gradually transforms the mind of the individual from an incoherent mix of BEI's on multiple levels of consciousness to a coherent hierarchy of BEI's headed up by an consciousness awakened to its real identity.


Whereas the old, incoherent mind has its intention nullified by inner disarray and conflict of the BEI's it holds, the cleared, coherent mind amasses the energies of its innumerable BEI's and directs them with intention.  This is potentially so powerful that the consciousness of one coherent mind creates a field capable of affecting the consciousness not only of another individual, but of the collective consciousness of humanity.  (Subject to certain limitations of course.  For instance, nobody, no matter how powerful, can directly determine the intention i.e. free choice, of another.)


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