Nondual Therapy and the Psychology of Letting Go

The method is what makes Omnius more than just another well-meaning program expressed in inflated rhetoric. Omnius is a complete spiritual discipline integrating purpose, teaching and practice and combining elements from Eastern enlightenment disciplines with philosophy psychology and science to create a contemporary, Western, enlightenment discipline that is both comprehensible and attainable by contemporary, Western minds. Both Omnius, and the books Oneness Perceived and Playing 20 Questions with God, on which they are largely based, are philosophically rigorous and scientifically impeccable. However Omnius is not based on mechanistic, 19th-century science but the emerging science of One consciousness, of whole systems, of the quantum universe where locality is nowhere to be found. Nor is it reductionistic. It doesn't sacrifice wonder, mystery and sacredness; rather it enhances our experience of them.

PsychoNoetics is simple, direct and powerful. It requires no beliefs nor does it require that you accept any authority. It only requires openness, seriousness of intent, intelligence and willingness, even eagerness, to break out of illusion whenever you find it in yourself. It requires the a desire for inner freedom and the intention to clear all obstacles to that state

Omnius and religion

Finally, Omnius requires no beliefs in religion or God but it allows all of them. The principles and practices of Omnius are largely compatible with the core of all true religions and wisdom traditions. There are no essential contradictions, only linguistic differences. You can practice the Omnius method while being a Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or any other religion that is based on love and respects the brotherhood of all sentient beings on a living earth.

The Psychology of letting go

PsychoNoetics, the Omnius Method of Self Transformation is an original and powerful program for freeing consciousness and approaching enlightenment. PsychoNoetics is the psychology of letting go, which is based on a belief in the innate perfection of the human spirit. The psychology of letting go is a strategy for uncovering this spirit by dissolving was false beliefs and false identities which people accumulate over time.


PsychoNoetics has two, closely interrelated goals. The first is a realization of Common Identity. The second is the attainment of Original Perception. Common Identity is a realization of the relationship between who you really are and of who we all really are! Original Perception is the transformation of consciousness that stabilizes you in your Common Identity, lets you be it and perceive from it.


There are three applications of the Omnius method, training, practice and therapy. All of them utilize the same elements from the Omnius Teaching, i.e. Common Identity and Original Perception.

The Omnius training is available to both individuals and organizations. The Most common way that people get trained in the Omnius method is through attending workshops. However many people who attend workshops also find it extremely beneficial to do some one-on-one work with Dr. Eisen.

Dr. Eisen works with individuals as a Karmic therapist and psychological intuitive, helping them to dissolve the negative karma they have accumulated both in this lifetime and past lifetimes. This work is an extension of the psychology of letting go and the results are truly incredible. Dr. Eisen works with individuals in person in his office and through the telephone all over the world.

In-house training is also available for interested organizations, corporations and intentional communities and can be tailored to specific organizational needs.