PsychoNoetics Workshop


our ultimate identity is just consciousness without anything to be conscious of.  This is our resting place and when we first awaken, this is what we awaken to.  However, there is much work to do between our first, tenuous awakening and the total revision of our psyche that comes from the gradual integration of that awakening. 

The heart of PsychoNoetics is a technique of letting go or unlearning which deconstructs parts of our psyche, freeing them to reconstruct themselves at the level of awakened consciousness.  The spiritual traditions, while long on techniques to access and experience awakened consciousness, are short on techniques to free the psyche of those "lower" forms and beliefs that it has already learned and embodied.  Psychology is actually ahead of the spiritual traditions in this regard, however, without a vision of awakened identity to work from - and to, psychology can only replace these dysfunctional forms and beliefs with "better" forms and beliefs selected from the same level of consciousness and

PsychoNoetics is a radical approach to self transformation, whose goal is to completely clear us of every dysfunctional pattern, belief, emotion and survival strategy that we have acquired, whether through learning or evolution, freeing our psyche to reconstruct itself in the context of awakening.

Just as perceiving from our old, unawakened identity perpetrates dysfunctional patterns and forms and builds on them, perceiving from our new, awakened identity re-creates our psyche and redirects the course of our lives.  However, as long as these old forms and patterns still persist, they it will persist in furthering themselves by hijacking our perceptions and through them, our consciousness.  The only way to get out of this self perpetrating loop is to monitor and clear.  Monitoring is the process of witnessing yourself so that you become aware when you lose your presence and can do something about it.  Clearing is the process of identifying and then letting go of those memories, beliefs, attachments, emotions and the like which are hijacking your consciousness and making you lose presence.  The psychonoetic techniques that you will learn in this workshop will allow you to do just that.

In this workshop you will:

Jeffrey Eisen, PhD, is a psychological intuitive, therapist, spiritual teacher and the author of three books including Oneness Perceived: A Window Into Enlightenment [in press]. Formerly, he was an Adlerian Psychoanalyst and a Professor of Psychology.

I accomplished more in one weekend than in two years of psychotherapy. Although I still have my problems, I feel that for the first time I am in control of my life. J.D. San Francisco I went right home and applied the techniques I learned in this workshop to my stepdaughter who had been sexually abused in childhood. The results were astounding. Her face softened and she talked freely about her experiences for the first time. I firmly believe that Karmic Clearing prevented her from getting into serious trouble in adolescence. D.P. Maui

Karmic Clearing has extended the still center that I enjoy in meditation into my everyday life. P.L. La Jolla

The Karmic Clearing* Workshop, with Dr. Jeffrey Eisen