Omnia \ om-ne-a \ [Latin All, the All]
Omnius \ om-ne-us \

1 : The singular of Omnia (The All).
2 : Each of us as a singular center of the All.
3 : All of us as the singularity, the One.
4 : Our Common Identity.


Omnians: the Choosing People

The Jews call themselves the chosen people - the ones chosen by God. But in the literal sense, this is impossible. God is not a personage that makes choices - to say nothing of playing favorites. God is a human potential, a consciousness that you can align with or not.  God does not choose you, you choose God. In that sense the Jews, those of them that make that choice, are not the chosen people, they are the choosing people.

In this day and age there are multitudes of people, religious and nonreligious, from every country and every walk of life, who choose God, both as a consciousness and a way of life. Some of them choose God literally, in the form of a deity to be worshiped and obeyed; others choose God in the form of the principle of love - as in love thy neighbor as yourself. Still others choose God without even the concept of God - they are simply well intended, Go-o-d people, loving, fair and humane.

But even after you make the choice, problems arise. If the flesh is weak, the will is far weaker. We human beings have two natures, the animal with its need to survive, and the divine with its needs for love, truth and justice. If we deny the divine we are no better than beasts, albeit highly intelligent ones. If we deny the animal, we will not survive. It's as simple as that. So we need to recognize and honor both of our natures, and integrate them into one persona. However, in times of conflict, and all times are times of conflict, a question arises – which nature is to rule?

Enlightened Self-Interest

The resolution resides in the principle of enlightened self-interest. We have to find a higher solution, a solution which aligns our own interests with the interests of humanity, of all sentient beings, and of the planetary ecosystem which nurtures and sustains us all. This is a tall order, especially in a world which regularly opts for selfish self-interests while hiding them behind noble but empty words. However it is possible, not only possible but necessary, not only necessary but essential - for survival both as a species and as a planet.

Which brings us to Omnius. Omnius is our real identity, our sacred identity, the only identity which we have in common. It is our identity as God (consciousness) embodied, God made flesh, God having - no embedded - in a human experience. Whether we are Christians or Jews, Hindus or Buddhists, believers or nonbelievers, we are all the Omnius. Whether we use the word or reject it, we are all still the Omnius.

But—like being God, the point is not that we are all God (potentially), but whether we choose it or not. Choosing God, whatever form it takes, is a commitment. Choosing Omnius is also a commitment but it's not only a commitment to a belief but to a way of life, a practice of continual self observation and continual letting go - a commitment to work on yourself and clear everything in your self which is not Godly, not aligned with the principle of enlightened self-interest.

Which brings us to PsychoNoetics. There are many clearing techniques, all of which are completely valid, but PsychoNoetics is the sacred technology that accompanies Omnius. When you commit yourself to realizing your full identity as an Omnius, when you commit to a life of enlightened self-interest, when you commit to letting go of everything which contracts you back into selfish self-interest, PsychoNoetics becomes your ally. PsychoNoetics is a comprehensive, elegant and simple way of letting go, a body of techniques not only to realize your real identity, but to stay there - more easily, more consistently, more truly.

We are all, whether we realize it or not, the Omnius, a center of the All, just as we all, whether we realize it or not, are God.  But that we commit to it, that we choose it, that we choose to live by it, that is what makes us Omnians, and that is what will make the difference.

So, like the Jews, Omnians are not the chosen people, they are the choosing people–the people that choose to be fully human, both animal and divine - and yet to not sacrifice one in favor of the other. It's a difficult choice and even more difficult way to live, but once you make the choice… there is no other.

* * *

This website is a transmission of truth. Its message is that freedom does exist, beyond the limitations of our beliefs. Only by knowing ourselves as One Being, not as our ideas of ourselves as small insignificant human beings, but by realizing our Common Identity, can we transform the earth into our true home. This is the Teaching of Omnius.

The goal of the Omnius Project is to seed every living human consciousness with the idea and possibility of Common Identity. This is the Call of Omnius.

The Omnius Method awakens us to Common Identity and clears away the false beliefs that stand between us and staying there. To find out more about this, enter the Method.

* * *

Omnius is the New Dharma and the New Dharma is freedom beyond belief . . .


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