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PsychoNoetics, Karma and Enlightenment

With enlightenment, we take back our spirituality from religion, our sanity from the mental health professions and our own vision from those who would educate us to their beliefs.

With enlightenment we take responsibility for ourselves and end our submission to an unenlightened society. In doing so drop our confusion, our helplessness, our resentment, our aggression, and our separateness and replace it with serenity, clarity, power, and the compassion that comes from kinship with all beings.

PsychoNoetics is enlightenment practice and enlightenment therapy!

What is PsychoNoetics?

PsychoNoetics is a radical technique which has parallels in Vedic, Buddhist and most of all Taoist practices but is also is thoroughly modern, rooted in the psychology of perception, as well as understanding the way the ego and "enoe" (soul body or karmic self) is formed or karma is accumulated.

In Western terms, psychonoetic clearing releases memories and the conclusions that come from them, as wel as their associated emotions and the survival strategies, defenses, attachments and belief systems which make up the ego and the enoe. The enoe comes between the pure awareness of universal consciousness and the world we are aware of. In that sense it is a perceptual filter. In Eastern terms, psychonoetic clearing dissolves the negative Karma which we have built up, both in this lifetime and in previous ones. Understanding the interrelationship between perception and karma is a major contribution of PsychoNoetics.

PsychoNoetics also bridges East and West technically. It uses the therapeutic dialoging techniques of modern psychotherapy in order to focus in on the problems, but the actual clearing process utilizes meditative techniques as well as the psychic dimension.

What is Karma?

Karma is the influence of our past on our present. It is a body of unconscious conclusions which remembered, shapes our thinking, guide our actions and color our perceptions. Therefore karma invisibly shapes our destiny.

All of your past is karma. Yesterday is as much Karma as three lifetimes ago. You're continually accumulating karma and it is always influencing present perceptions and future events.

What karma is not?

Karma is not a principle of supernatural cause and effect, whereby deeds done in past lives create rewards or punishments in this life. This idea is used by some religions to intimidate people into obeying the moral directives of the church; however like all half-truths it is ultimately misleading and even destructive.

What is bad or negative Karma?

Karma is simply what we have become. It is the sum of what we have come to believe or conclude on an unconscious level. These conclusions shape our perceptions and guide our actions. However, to the extent that these conclusions are mistaken, they distort our perceptions and misguide our actions. This perpetrates the dysfunctional patterns we experience as bad or negative Karma.

Where is karma held?

Karma is held in the enoe, (also called the soul body or the Karmic Self). This is an organization of consciousness midway between our physical self and universal consciousness. The enoe is immaterial. It resembles the Judeo Christian concept of the Soul. However the concept of the enoe is more precise and more complex than the concept of the soul, since it perceives, learns and evolves. The enoe is that which reincarnates.  The of

As the enoe learns, it can also unlearn; as it can evolve, it can also devolve; as it can be constructed, it can also be deconstructed. However, almost like the write-only data on a computer, learning, both on the egoic and enoic levels, is meant to be permanent. Nature has put safeguards in the way of accidentally erasing it. Therefore you have to learn the necessary procedures to circumvent the safeguards and at the same time, put your own safeguards in place so that you don't destroy useful data, only data that is mistaken and misleading.

What is the principal benefit of psychonoetic clearing?

The primary problem facing all of us who are on the path to greater consciousness is staying present in the face of adversary. Our individual histories, over both this lifetime and past lifetimes, present us with innumerable triggers that elicit unconscious and inappropriate defensive reactions. Most psychotherapeutic strategies for dealing with this problem overlay the negative reaction with a positive one. But this strategy creates internal conflict and is a recipe not for higher consciousness but rather for self-consciousness. Most eastern ways of dealing with this problem are not much better. They utilize a twofold strategy of avoidance. The first tier of this avoidance strategy tries to solve the problem by staying centered in meditative consciousness. The second-tier is the adoption of an ascetic or monastic lifestyle. (In fact, it is this problem and not moral concerns which has prompted the invention of asceticism and monasticism).

The strategy of PsychoNoetics on the other hand, is not to avoid these egoic and enoic triggers but to dissolve them. This is not only a path to awakening but to staying awake; it gets us there and keeps us there! (It also reduces the necessity for meditation and frees us to get out into the world).

In summary then, PsychoNoetics is both a therapy, a means of unlearning and a path to enlightenment. How does it work?

PsychoNoetics is both a psychological process and a psychic one. These are the steps Dr. Eisen both takes and recommends.

  1. Focusing in on the negative or dysfunctional pattern by talking about it, either with a therapist or a loving, nonjudgmental friend.
  2. Identifying the remembered memories, conclusions, beliefs, attachments and other obstacles which constitute the dysfunctional pattern.
  3. Finding out whether these dysfunctional patterns originated in a past life of the present one.
  4. Testing whether the person is ready to release the dysfunctional pattern in question. (Often there exists an underlying problem which has to be cleared first.)
  5. Facilitating the release of the dysfunctional pattern. This has a psychic component. (Astonishingly, when the negative pattern is released, not only are the behaviors changed, but often the person literally becomes unable to access the negative feelings that minutes before threatened to consume him.)
  6. Reinforcing the emerging, positive pattern.

Can I learn to clear myself?

Yes, after doing a certain amount of psychonoetic clearing with Dr. Eisen or another trained guide, either privately or in a workshop, you learn the fundamentals. You also receive a psychic transmission which will empower you to use the techniques in your everyday life. [People differ in the ease with which they assimilate the intrapsychic components of PsychoNoetics. However, with perseverance, anyone can master them.

How do I start?

Dr. Eisen leads Karmic clearing workshops. He also does Karmic therapy with individuals, both in person and on the telephone, and with couples and groups in his office. In the near future you'll also be able to learn Karmic clearing from tapes and CDs and an online course is in the planning stages.

PsychoNoetics Workshop


our ultimate identity is just consciousness without anything to be conscious of.  This is our resting place and when we first awaken, this is what we awaken to.  However, there is much work to do between our first, tenuous awakening and the total revision of our psyche that comes from the gradual integration of that awakening. 

The heart of PsychoNoetics is a technique of letting go or unlearning which deconstructs parts of our psyche, freeing them to reconstruct themselves at the level of awakened consciousness.  The spiritual traditions, while long on techniques to access and experience awakened consciousness, are short on techniques to free the psyche of those "lower" forms and beliefs that it has already learned and embodied.  Psychology is actually ahead of the spiritual traditions in this regard, however, without a vision of awakened identity to work from - and to, psychology can only replace these dysfunctional forms and beliefs with "better" forms and beliefs selected from the same level of consciousness and

PsychoNoetics is a radical approach to self transformation, whose goal is to completely clear us of every dysfunctional pattern, belief, emotion and survival strategy that we have acquired, whether through learning or evolution, freeing our psyche to reconstruct itself in the context of awakening.

Just as perceiving from our old, unawakened identity perpetrates dysfunctional patterns and forms and builds on them, perceiving from our new, awakened identity re-creates our psyche and redirects the course of our lives.  However, as long as these old forms and patterns still persist, they it will persist in furthering themselves by hijacking our perceptions and through them, our consciousness.  The only way to get out of this self perpetrating loop is to monitor and clear.  Monitoring is the process of witnessing yourself so that you become aware when you lose your presence and can do something about it.  Clearing is the process of identifying and then letting go of those memories, beliefs, attachments, emotions and the like which are hijacking your consciousness and making you lose presence.  The psychonoetic techniques that you will learn in this workshop will allow you to do just that.

In this workshop you will:

Jeffrey Eisen, PhD, is a psychological intuitive, therapist, spiritual teacher and the author of three books including Oneness Perceived: A Window Into Enlightenment [in press]. Formerly, he was an Adlerian Psychoanalyst and a Professor of Psychology.

I accomplished more in one weekend than in two years of psychotherapy. Although I still have my problems, I feel that for the first time I am in control of my life. J.D. San Francisco I went right home and applied the techniques I learned in this workshop to my stepdaughter who had been sexually abused in childhood. The results were astounding. Her face softened and she talked freely about her experiences for the first time. I firmly believe that Karmic Clearing prevented her from getting into serious trouble in adolescence. D.P. Maui

Karmic Clearing has extended the still center that I enjoy in meditation into my everyday life. P.L. La Jolla

The Karmic Clearing* Workshop, with Dr. Jeffrey Eisen

PsychoNoetics As Enlightenment Therapy

Enlightenment Therapy with Dr. Jeff Eisen

Dr Eisen works with people at all levels of consciousness and with its all sorts with problems but enlightenment is always his final goal. From his Omnius practice he has developed the ability to psychically dissolve your negative karma and release the attachments and beliefs impede your clarity, serenity and enlightenment. He doesn't do this to you but rather with you, in a manner that gradually empowers you to do it for yourself. This ability accelerates your progress so that a few sessions become as effective as months or even years of more conventional therapies. Although Dr. Eisen was classically trained as a psychologist and an Adlerian psychoanalyst, his approach is neither analytic nor didactic and his therapeutic objectives are not the ordinary ones of adjustment, adequate functioning or even fulfillment in love and work. He believes that the only true sanity is the absolute reality of enlightenment. He also agrees with the great Masters that we are all, already possessed of enlightenment and his job is to help you uncover it and once you have reached it, stay there.

Dr. Eisen sees all psychological problems and all states of consciousness as a continuum of self-realization. So-called normality is not the endpoint of Enlightenment Therapy. In his view, no one can deem himself wholly sane who is not enlightened. On the other hand, no one is sick just because they have psychological problems, no matter how severe. We are all, himself included, fellow travelers, at different stages along the road to reality.

Dr. Eisen works with people at his Santa Barbara office and on the telephone. Follow this link for an appointment.

Original Perception

We all have an innate perfect consciousness, sometimes thought of as Christ consciousness or Buddha mind; however it is obscured by who we think we are, by our contracted, false identities. Perception from this perfect consciousness is called original perception.

We are not born into the original perception. All of us have lived before in human and even animal forms and our consciousness at birth doesn't start totally anew. It is only the unfolding of our new life that is new to us. We start out with a felt sense of self, an identity. It is this which is karma and it is this from which we unfold our world.

Psychonoetic Therapy

The goal of psychonoetic Therapy is attaining original perception.  Psychonoetic Therapy takes its name from Noetics, the science of consciousness, which in turn, takes its name from the Greek nous, or mind.  Psychonoetic Therapy, acknowledges that no one is sick and no therapy is needed, all that is needed is to uncover our innate perfection of our true nature

Karmic Clearing

Karmic Clearing is the technique within PsychoNoetics that dissolves negative Karma and releases false identities. Its use is not only in therapy. It is a very important part of the Omnius practice and is taught in workshops and practiced in Clearing Circles wherever Omnians gather.

Very simply, karma consists of the accumulated effects of all our lifetimes, past and present, on our consciousness. Although it is widely believed that karma is a fate, Omnius teaches that karma is fate only in the sense that character is fate. Karma has its effects through consciousness and consciousness only. Therefore it can be cleared by working with consciousness and cleared in this lifetime.

Dr. Eisen works with people at his Santa Barbara office and on the telephone from all over the country. Follow this link for an appointment.

Jeff Eisen is a magical therapist, compassionate yet powerful. My first session cleared me of my anger toward my father and allowed me to start living for myself instead of living to prove something to him… Ira Z. Baltimore Md.

I've always felt that there was something intrinsically wrong with me. After a couple of sessions with Dr. Eisen I couldn't get in touch with that feeling if I tried. It just wasn't there anymore. Kathy B. Santa Fe NM.

Every time somebody criticized me or what I was doing in any way whatsoever I felt attacked and was quick to retaliate. This cost me my job and almost my marriage. Now I feel calm and self-confident enough to just listen to what people have to say.

Robert W. N.Y.

Practitioner Training

Individuals that would like to give Omnius workshops, or train in Karmic clearing can apply to Dr. Eisen for an individualized program. They will begin the same way that non practitioners do, that is they will take the workshops and some individual clearing sessions. As they learn the techniques they will start working on themselves. Dr. Eisen will monitor their progress and when they are ready, start using them as group co-leaders, and/or start supervising them as PsychoNoetic Therapists.